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Our Key Commitments to Our Students

Excellence in Training and Development

Team Player:

Our students work as part of a team with Minden Gross LLP lawyers, and that means all lawyers, whether they are senior partners or associates. We are proud of our non-hierarchical atmosphere where all members of the firm work closely with one another at all levels. And, more importantly, students are given substantive work so that they truly are a respected and integral part of the team. Working on a corporate deal means that our students are working right in the trenches with the other lawyers. Whether it be drafting documents, gathering information or attending client meetings, students are an integral part of the actual closing.

The Client is Always Right:

Contrary to what you may think, Minden Gross LLP students are exposed to clients from the very beginning. Client relationships are highly valued here and part of a student’s training involves learning to develop and nurture client relationships. This means students will be attending client meetings, helping in closings, and going to court with clients.

“Your honour”:

Students do not have to wait until they are a 2nd- or 3rd-year associate to be given the opportunity to go to court. Our students are able to conduct their own small claims trials or attend at Court to speak to motions, whether ex parte or contested.

From A to Z:

It’s our hope that our students are able to see the end product of the files that they have worked on. Not only do they get to be a vital part of an ongoing file, but they will be part of the grand finale, whether this means attending court for a trial or participating in a corporate closing. Although our program involves a rotation system, if a student has been actively involved in a litigation or corporate file that won’t finish until after the student has changed rotation, we do our best to let the student enjoy the experience of the trial or closing, despite the rotation. Because, truly, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing your hard work materialize at the close of a file.

No Homework, We Promise!:

We offer a series of student-oriented continuing legal education seminars throughout the year on various legal issues, including Tax 101, How to Draft a Pleading, How to Review a Minute Book, How to Draft Shareholders Agreements, etc. All seminars are put on by our own Minden Gross LLP lawyers. Quick Tip: Our lawyers like to top each other with who can put on the best seminar (i.e. who has the best food!). Our students do their best to keep that threshold high!

Congeniality at the Office

Big Brothers and Big Sisters:

Our students benefit from mentors, who are there to help our students out in any way possible, whether it is to help manage workloads, offer guidance in a specific area of law, or even if it is just to have a lunch buddy.

Breaking Down the Door:

If you walk around our offices, chances are that most of the doors are wide open. We encourage students to pop into an office (yes, even a senior partner’s office) if they have a question on a file, or just to say hi. Be warned – some of our lawyers may keep you there for longer than you think, sharing a tip or regaling you with 'war stories'!

All that and fun too?:

All work and no play can get quite tedious so we have a fun social calendar aimed at the students throughout the articling year. One night you could be centre court at a Raptors game or hobnobbing at the various legal social events in the city. Another day might find you scavenger hunting on Centre Island or checking out new wines at a private tasting. We also pride ourselves in putting together social events aimed at all members of our firm, whether it is the Winterfest party or soaking up the sun at our annual Family Firm Summer Picnic.

Not just Sandwiches: 

Every Thursday, the firm holds an internal CPD lunch in the main boardroom for all lawyers and students. It’s a chance to get to know everyone and have some tasty lunch, while also learning about the latest cases or statutory updates.


After a long week, our lawyers and students enjoy a little downtime on Fridays at 5 pm with drinks and goodies. It’s a chance to wind down, enjoy a drink, and chat about that great file you got to work on.

Community Involvement

Minden Gross’ involvement with the community is demonstrated by our continued partnership with various charities and community programs. We encourage our students to also get involved at this level and have been proud of some of the great accomplishments we've achieved over the years. Our firm supports various programs and charities, ranging from Camp Ooch, to Lawyers Feed the Hungry, to the LAWS Student Job Program (a program for marginalized high school students who have an interest in law).

We encourage our firm members, as individuals, to get involved with the community and are proud that many of us have chosen to give back by working on a pro bono basis, serving on various boards and participating in various fund-raising activities. Our students are also encouraged to take a lead in student-specific events such as our United Way fundraiser, Daily Food Bank Law Challenge, and 40 Oaks Community Clothing drive.


Minden Gross LLP is and always has been committed to providing equity in the workplace. We have developed our procedures and policies with a view to implementing the principles of employment equity in our hiring practices, business practices, and community involvement. This is not only the right thing to do, but with a global network of clients, it makes good business sense.

Global Point of View

Minden Gross LLP is the Toronto member of the Meritas Affiliation of Law Firms Worldwide. What is Meritas? It’s an affiliation of law firms, representing every major city in the world. In fact, Meritas has over 180 firms in more than 85 countries. We represent clients from around the world who are doing business in Canada or who are here in Canada and do business overseas. As the Toronto member affiliate, we are the Canadian gateway for incoming referrals from around the world. And from our clients' perspective, we are only an email or phone call away from connecting our clients with global representation.

Our students are involved in all sorts of files that originate through Meritas connections. This translates into international exposure in all areas of law, whether it is cross-border structures, cross-border M&A or financing files, international employment issues, or litigation issues that transcend Canadian borders.

Minden Gross LLP is well-represented within the Meritas organization, with many of our lawyers in key leadership roles, including Chairman - Worldwide, Section Chairs, Directors, and Leadership Institute Members. Minden Gross LLP was also the first non-American firm to host the Meritas Annual Meeting attended by over 300 lawyers worldwide.


Minden Gross LLP is committed to our environment and we are constantly looking to improve our firm practices to ensure a clean earth for future generations. In keeping with this mandate, we are focused on training our staff and lawyers on green practices and how we can do our part to encourage sustainable development.

In our commitment to sustainability, Minden Gross LLP has put in place an internal committee that works with the firm to do our part to reduce our carbon footprint.

We are also proud to have been involved in the green initiative initiated by the Meritas Leadership Institute, a year-long project where participants studied how pro-environment/sustainability initiatives are creating new industries and changing the way many existing industries do business.

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