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NOTICE:  After encountering a recent intensification of the challenges facing mid-sized law firms in Canada, Minden Gross regrets to announce that the firm will be winding down operations after over 70 years of service. NOTE: Starting MARCH 1, 2024, we have a new mailing address: 330 Front Street West, Suite 104, Toronto, ON  M5V 3B7. 

News & Events

Minden Gross LLP tours on the Big Bike to raise funds for the Heart & Stroke Foundation

Jun 22, 2015

A team of 12 enthusiastic Minden Gross LLP members hopped aboard the Big Bike on Friday, June 19, 2015 to raise funds for the Heart & Stroke Foundation. The Minden Mayhem team raised over $1,600 to help support life-saving treatments that bring hope to heart disease and stroke patients.

 MInden Gross LLP Big Bike Team - 2015