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COVID-19 Business Response Plan

Navigate commercial uncertainties.

The world has changed. Even though you and your business have had time to assess and react, in these times, you may not have access to business resources and skilled advisors you need to navigate issues and regulatory changes effectively. 

Our broad network puts you in touch with contacts and expertise to help your business survive. Our expertise gives you options.

Our lawyers, including our Meritas legal affiliate network, are available and able to help you across Canada and worldwide. 

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Organizations should review all key agreements and assess the viability of fulfilling obligations.

We can help you navigate your obligations and leverage the available tools in the changing regulatory landscape. Insurance policies should also be reviewed to see if coverage is triggered and if rate relief is available.

We can review your key contracts to help determine how your rights and obligations are impacted.

 Business Acquisition 

Companies with suitable cash reserves and strong balance sheets may want to review acquisition opportunities, particularly of distressed assets.

We can help with all legal facets of tax-effective acquisitions or investment transactions such as due diligence, term sheets, and purchase agreements. Our network of M&A advisors may have options to help grow your business.

 Business Continuity Planning 

Owners and decision makers may look to take advantage of low valuations to reduce terminal obligations and use pauses to strengthen their succession plans.

We can aid in preserving family harmony by assisting with all stages of continuity planning, including estate freeze and refreeze planning, forming well-structured and tax- and probate-efficient wills and powers of attorney, and establishing family shareholders agreements.

 Bankruptcy and Insolvency 

As government-mandated closures of non-essential businesses continue, many owners worry if they can keep their businesses afloat. Bankruptcy is not the only option. Our network is able to assist you in assessing your legal and financial options.

We can devise an appropriate strategy to address the challenges faced by your business. Our professionals understand stakeholder concerns and, as experts in insolvency, we are ideally positioned to provide strategic advice and guidance designed to help restructure your debt that will allow your business to survive the pandemic and thrive when normalcy returns.

 Divesting Assets 

Companies may look to divest assets to assist with liquidity issues.

We can assist in all aspects of a tax-efficient sell side or equity financing transaction, including connecting clients with investment bankers, brokers, and business advisors.

 Liquidity - Financing 

Companies will likely face liquidity issues from an economic slowdown.

We can connect you with potential lenders and assist with any financing transaction. We will work with you to implement strategies to structure your asset portfolio to minimize creditor risk on a tax-efficient basis.

 Liquidity - Tax Pools   

Companies may look to unlock tax pools to create liquidity.

We can work with you and your advisors to review and unlock tax pools in ways that may create liquidity and/or reduce tax obligations.


As employment compensation programs change throughout the pandemic, we can guide you through the options. Whether you are looking at government relief applications and implementation, work-share arrangements, layoffs, reduced pay schedules, benefits programs, terminations, or full-out business closures, we are here to help.


The courts have currently adjourned non-urgent matters. They remain open for hearing urgent matters and a limited number of non-urgent matters through teleconference or other means.

Our litigation team remains fully accessible to assist clients in navigating these difficult times, including bringing or responding to urgent court applications for relief arising from the crisis. We can also provide alternative dispute resolution services such as mediation and arbitration.

 Commercial Real Estate   

We are leaders in resolving real estate matters in this new and unfortunate reality. We continue to advise clients on various legal issues in commercial real estate, including completion (or non-completion) of executory agreements of purchase and sale, financing and changing terms, and technical and practical issues regarding due diligence and closings. We also guide clients on property taxation and assessment guidelines as well as tax relief programs.

 Commercial Leasing 

Landlords and tenants are both facing challenges over the course of the pandemic. With many businesses closed, some tenants are unable to pay their rent, while landlords are still incurring costs.

We can help review your lease agreements, develop arrangements, and advise on applying for government and banking programs. We also advise on communication between landlords and tenants to reduce incurring litigation.

 Public Companies 

In a new world of social distancing, public companies have new challenges in putting on AGMs and shareholder meetings, following disclosure requirements, making business changes, and ensuring compliance.

We continue to support public companies in all aspects of managing their business, including with introductions to sources of capital. Our relationships with regulatory bodies and exchanges enables our team to provide top tier advice, value, and support to our clients.


Keep up-to-date on all of Minden Gross LLP’s COVID-19 updates through our website or social media. We also maintain a resource section including government websites and third-party articles we hope can help.

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